Suzuki’s Helpful Tips on Cleaning Motorcycles Submerged in Flood

Suzuki mechanics are ready to assist you with your submerged motorcycle units with these helpful tips:

First aid for motorcycles submerged in flood

First aid for motorcycles submerged in flood

  1. With the ignition switch turned “off”, remove spark plug and kick-start to remove water inside combustion chamber.
  2. Then, clean the Suzuki Motorcycle Unit with clear running water (pressurized water spray recommended). If seawater flood, immediately wash and lubricate with anti-rust.
  3. Drain the oil by removing drain plug and engine oil cap.
  4. Apply compressed air into oil filler hole to push out remaining oil and water inside crankcase. Replace oil and oil filter with Suzuki Genuine Oil and Suzuki Genuine Oil Filter.
  5. Clean and dry wiring harness and check all connectors for possible dirt/mud residue. Inspect all electrical parts (CDI, IGNITION COIL, IGNITION SWITCH, ALL RELAY, ALL BULB AND SOCKET, SPEEDOMETER PANEL ASSEMBLY, AND BATTERY).
  6. Remove the air box and carburetor assembly. Clean air box assembly and replace with new air filter. Have the carburetor assembly over-hauled and make sure to clean all jets, air passage and gasoline passage.
  7. Drain all gasoline from the fuel tank and check if contaminated with water.
  8. Clean and lubricate throttle grip, throttle cable, clutch cable, brake cables and starter cable. Clean also the front and rear brake system and re-grease all wheel bearing. Remove and hang muffler to dry.
  9. Remember, pressurized washing might take out the existing grease in most parts; see to it that new grease will be applied in the steering stem and other parts that require it.

Some of the items above, you can do yourself, but for the most part, the experts are on hand to serve your needs and get you back on the road. Please have your Suzuki unit checked and serviced by an accredited Suzuki mechanic from any Suzuki 3s shop or Suzuki Moto Center nearest you. For complete listing, please visit or call Suzuki Customer Care Hotline at 902-1001

And keep in mind to properly dispose of used oil, fuel, and filter. Those floods serve to remind us of the urgent need to save our environment.

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