Chelsea Logistics unveils country’s biggest vessel

Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp. (CLC) is all set to operate the country’s biggest vessel and a brand-new RORO passenger ship.

The publicly-listed Company inaugurated the latest additions to its fleet — M/T Chelsea Providence and M/V Salve Regina — on October 5 at the Manila North Harbour Port.

“We have long dreamed of having our presence felt in the international waters and to commence our foray into the regional liquid carrier market. Today, we are grateful to welcome our biggest as well as the Philippines’ biggest registered vessel – M/T Chelsea Providence,” CLC Founder and Chairman Dennis A. Uy said.

M/T Chelsea Providence is a 183.3-meter long medium-range oil tanker that can carry up to 54 million liters of petroleum at any given time.

“In our efforts to provide better customer experience, safe and reliable journey, and convenient travel, the Chelsea Group has been investing in younger vessels and presently brand-new ones, including the one we are on board right now – the M/V Salve Regina.”

M/V Salve Regina, is a roll-on, roll-off vessel which can accommodate more than 500 passengers and 41 vehicles. It is the first brand-new RoPax to service the Batangas-Caticlan route. It was built by Kegoya Dock Co. Ltd., a Japan-based shipbuilder.

“With M/T Chelsea Providence, we hope to support local oil companies in the importation of various petroleum products and in ensuring a reliable supply of fuel for our growing economy,” CLC President & CEO Chryss Alfonsus V. Damuy said.

“We also look forward to supporting Philippine tourism, as M/V Salve Regina offers more options for tourists to reach and experience one of the country’s most-visited tourist destinations.”

CLC has been in an expansion mode. At present, it operates 16 tankers, 22 RoPax, 11 cargo vessels and 14 tugboats through Chelsea Shipping, Starlite Ferries, Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Inc. and Fortis Tugs. In addition, its investee 2GO Group, Inc. operates 8 RoPax vessels, 5 cargo vessels, and 11 fastcrafts.

The Company also acquired in March 2018 a floating dock named “Chelsea Exuberance” which is programmed to keep its 88-strong fleet in the best condition and thus optimize the deployment of the

Aside from expanding its fleet, CLC aims to expand its business further by engaging in the development, management and operation of infrastructure facilities and systems.

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