Sponsored Video: We Have All Heard Throughout Our Lives the Domino Effect

We have all heard throughout our lives the domino effect. Where one thing leads to another and yet another. Toyota® as a global leader in hybrid technologies understands all too well the domino affect with its hybrid technologies. Imagining beyond themselves where what they do will go. Imagining beyond just profits where what they do could go. That’s pretty cool! Is cool not what technology is really about?

Toyota Prius

While no company can tout a total green product. It goes without saying we all have to start somewhere. Who knows what dominos will fall because of the technology Toyota® created? From Toyota’s thinking what new technologies are achievable? What scientist or student is studying the Hybrid technology and propulsion systems Toyota® has created and what is yet to come from these minds.

If we as a global community look upon these innovations as a domino effect, then these are truly exciting times. That through this Toyota® Domino objective, that innovation has an infinite trajectory into the future. While these steps may not always be the most practical applications. Where will the technology lead us? This is the essence of the Domino’s falling one after the other is what drives innovation. The wonderful life of this imagination is that it is boundless if we embrace it.

Toyota Dominoes are standing up. Innovation is not laying down, innovation is standing tall and proud and shouting to the world we are here. Our technology is here to embrace the world one car at a time.

This post has been sponsored by Toyota® but all the thoughts are our own.

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