Shifting Gears for Drag Racing

In its effort to standardize drag racing and make it world-class, Suzuki launched the Raider Breed Wars (RBW) in 2010, a drag racing event that provides the proper venue and standards to the drag racing enthusiasts.

Raider Breed Wars

Raider Breed Wars

Raider Breed Wars is a National Drag Racing Competition authorized by the National Motorcycle Safety and Sports Association (NAMSSA). Its objective is to provide the proper and legal racing venue where all participants are required to follow strict playing rules and to wear the proper protective gears that pass the government’s safety standards (ECE, DOT, SNELL, ICC, etc.). The event is free for all and the top finishers for each category qualify for the Raider Breed Wars Final.

On its first year, the event received wide acceptance as Suzuki established a regulating body for the “revived” sport. On its second year, Raider Breed Wars added two additional legs in North Luzon and in Mindanao; and the event got a new partner with the participation of Phoenix Cyclomax.

Now, on its third year, the Raider Breed Wars has taken another form as the National Drag Racing Championship 2012. The Luzon races are under Turbo Racing; while the Visayas and Mindanao races are under Suzuki Race Wars, which is organized by the 5th Gear Motorsports. Both races have three exclusive Suzuki categories: the Raider 150, the Underbone 115, and the Scooter 130. So far for this year, Suzuki has mounted 5 Turbo Racing events and 4 Suzuki Race Wars nationwide with total accumulated audience of 21,800 and 214 race participants. Two more races are set for the year before the Luzon regional finals for the Turbo Suzuki Cup in Clark and the Vis-min regional finals in Tagum. This will all culminate to the national finals in December at Asean City in Paranaque.

The National Drag Racing Championship is powered by Cyclomax, A brand of Motorcycle oil distributed by Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. one of the fastest growing independent oil companies in the country today.

Committed to bring the excitement of drag racing in great form in the Philippines, Suzuki continues to promote safety and sportsmanship in the game. With the progress of drag racing in the country, Suzuki is getting closer to its vision — to spur drag racing’s evolution from being an event to a sport in the Philippines.

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